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Over great areas of the world it still survives. It is possible that in contact with Western science, and inspired by the spirit of history, the original teaching of Gotama, revived and purified, may yet play a large part in the direction of human destiny. --H. G. Wells

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People who bring the East into Western Psychology.
Schools with Programs in East/West Psychology.

Psychology and Medical Abstracts

Physical and Stress-Reducing effects of
Meditation, Biofeedback and Relaxation Response
Relaxation Techniques, General Theory,
East-West Issues in Psychology


Book listings in catagories: Psychology and Eastern Philosophy,
Zen and Eastern Philosophy, Eastern Philosophy in the West,
Guidebooks for the Psychology of Religion, Classics in Psychology
Eastern-Influenced Self-Help, and Other Online Bibliographies.

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Psychology links...

American Psychological Association
As you can guess, not a great source for links but a good stomping ground.
Great spot to start your search for psychology resources on the web.
National Institute of Health (NIH)
Government site filled to the brim with resources.
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
An NIH center. The site has information about alternative medicines and treatments,
grant opportunities, and several searchable databases.
American Psychological Society

General Buddhism & Zen links...

It's big, it's beautiful, it's BuddhaNet!

General Religion links...

Edepot's Religion Depot

Psychology and Religion links...

Nielsen's Psych of Religion
very detailed!
Division 36 is the Psychology of Religion
Society for the Scientific Study of Religion
Jablonki's index of related research in the psychology of religion
American Philosophical Association


Performing the World 3: The Performance of Creativity and the Creativity of Performance Friday, October 14 Sunday, October 16, 2005
Tarrytown House, Tarrytown, NY
Performing the World 3 is sponsored by the East Side Institute for Group and Short Term Psychotherapy
920 Broadway, 14th floor, New York, NY, 10010
Tel. 212.941.8906, Fax 212.941.0511

APA Monitor article on a Buddhistic spin on psychiatric mentoring

APA Monitor article on mindfulness meditation for wellness of client and practitioner

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